St. Alphonsus Catholic School provides a living Christian community that is supported by teachers, parents, and clergy who work together to provide a broad and competitive curriculum that challenges students both academically and spiritually while encouraging self-discipline and service to God and the community. Student enrichment happens after the school day has ended through various extra-curricular activities.
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Class News for the Week of Oct. 16th-20th

Preschool Program –

  • PreK-3 – This week, children will work on recognizing letter “J” and practicing its sound in various words. Students are now rote counting to 20 and 30, even getting to use jellybeans in math/counting! Charting juice preferences, moving with jingle bells, making jellyfish during art, and working on jigsaw puzzles to improve small motor development all work together this week to make learning about “J” a fun journey. Teachers continue to introduce the children to the value of silence for quiet reflection and prayer. *Please send in a white t-shirt (men’s size small) for your child for the Thanksgiving program.*
    – Ms. Janice Arceneaux , PreK-3 Teacher 
  • Ms. Becky’s PreK-4 Class – Children will move on to the letter “B” this week, learning its sound, how to write it, and learning a new sight word. Students will work on numbers 1 through five in math and use those skills to graph a picture graph. The color of the week is orange. Students will also learn about nocturnal animals, being good community helpers, and God’s gift of taste. – Ms. Bec
    – Ms. Becky Brady, PreK-4 Teacher
  • Ms. Katherine’s PreK-4 Class – Children will be introduced to the letter “S” this week; where it can be found in the alphabet, its sound, and how to write it. New site words, “orange” and “my” are added this week. Students will work on numbers 1 through five in math. Students will also learn about nocturnal animals, being good community helpers, and God’s gift of taste.
    – Mrs. Kathrine Vernon, PreK-4 Teacher

Early Elementary Program –

  • Ms. White’s Kindergarten Class- This week, children will be classifying and categorizing action words and discovering adjectives for color, then using those descriptive words in sentences. Mathematical concepts will center around shapes and describing the shapes and understanding relative positioning using those shapes. Students will also learn about animals and movement. Religious studies will focus on listening to Jesus. *Please be on time on Wednesday for the field trip. Students are to wear their red field trip shirt, and bring hats, sunscreen, and extra water bottles labeled with their name. Parents are welcome on the bus.
    – Ms. Lana White, Kindergarten Teacher 
  • Ms. Gruich’s Kindergarten Class – Children will be working hard on learning phonemic awareness, verbs, the letters “Ww” and “Vv” – the sounds they make and how to write them. They will also learn about numbers, fluency, ordinal positions, sorting, and pennies. Religious studies will focus on listening to Jesus. In preparation for the field trip, students will talk about fall on the farm. *Wednesday is the field trip to the farm, please be on time. Send a lunch and extra water bottle for your child. 
    -Ms. Jan Gruich, Kindergarten Teacher
  • First Grade –  This week’s theme is the life cycle of a chicken. Students will use adjectives (colors and numbers) to describe things on a farm and will write about the farm using singular and plural nouns. Phonics words are “-eep” words (deep, keep, and sheep) and “s” clusters (split, step, swim, smell, and scrap). In Math, students will work on number sentences using doubles to 10 and identifying heavier and lighter. Journey story is Dr. Suess, pages 98-112. * There will be a D.O.L. test on Friday. Please practice the sentences in your child’s BEACH binder. Your child should complete two sentences each night.
    – Mrs. Katie Butler, 1st grade Teacher.
  • Second Grade –  In Reading, students will read “How Chipmunk got his Stripes” and learn about fables and characters. They will then create their own fable, focusing on using correct present tense verbs, prefixes and suffixes. Math will focus on adding ten, fractions, identifying pairs, and place value. Students will study good and bad choices and the different types of sin in Religion. They will also understand how Jesus forgives. In Science, children will study the life cycle of a pumpkin and its parts. They will also look at producers and consumers and how we use pumpkins. The unit will end with a special trip to Courtney Farms on Thursday where students will prepare questions for employees about their costs and where they purchase their pumpkins. There will be a quiz on Friday. *Children may wear their red field trip shirt and uniform bottoms on Thursday. Meet in front of the school at 1:15 p.m. Please send $3.00 for your child to purchase a pumpkin.
    – Mrs. Hartzog, 2nd grade Teacher

Elementary Program –

  • Third Grade – Mrs. Brittany Mast CLICK HERE for the 2017-2018 school supply list. 
  • Fourth Grade – I am so excited to start my 5th year teaching at St. Alphonsus School! I love getting children excited about their faith and a great novel – Religion and Reading are my favorite subjects after all! My other favorite things are my husband, Chase, and beautiful little girl, McKae, in addition to spending time with friends shopping and Target and Kirkland’s, and seeing the latest movies. This upcoming year is going to be a year of adventures and I’m looking forward to touring the Capital building in Jackson with your children and creating an environment where my students are happy every day and want to learn!  CLICK HERE for the 2017-2018 4th grade supply list.
    – Mrs. Tahler Glisson, 4th grade Teacher 

Intermediate Program –

  • Fifth Grade – Thank you for inviting game to join you as St. Alphonsus’s fifth grade teacher. I’m highly qualified as an elementary teacher and have additional specialties in K-12 reading, K-12 mild and moderate disabilities, and 7-12 ICT (computers). I love spending the day with my class and going home to my own two children.
    -Ms. Caroline Ehlers 
  • Sixth Grade – This week’s religious focus continue Chapter 5, “God’s Saving Action. Students will continue to read and solve the mystery in “The Westing Game” leaning about pronouns and continuing their own personal narrative as well. Math lessons are 29-32. Students will read chapter 2, Earth’s Physical Geography” and work in groups to teach sections to the class. *Spelling test next Friday, Oct. 27th.
    -Mrs. Ali Brakebill, 6th grade Teacher
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