PreSchool Program

The goals of the preschool program are to promote language skills, enhance emerging literacy skills, become familiar with alphabet recognition, promote number recognition, help children become familiar with basic shapes, improve large and small motor skills, help children explore the five senses, enhance children’s ability to follow simple directions, develop and use good manners, and to help children experience fellowship through spiritual awareness with prayer and religious curriculum.

Early Elementary Program

Our young students, Kindergarten through second grade, are immersed in reading and enhancing their growing literacy skills. Using phonics to become familiar with the alphabet and simple word recognition plays into much of the day. Name recognition and letter tracing/handwriting works hand-in-hand with spelling and early level reading. Introduction to math begins in these early years through counting, one-on-one correspondence, sorting objects, learning to pattern using problem solving skills, and encouraging logical/critical thinking. Programs involving science, social studies, the arts, and physical education are formatted with a hands-on, discovery learning approach.
A T   A   G L A N C E
St. Alphonsus Catholic School uses an accelerated curriculum defined by the Mississippi Frameworks and the ITBS compendium. Student learning is tracked throughout the year for progress and report cards are given each quarter. An electronic grade book, PowerSchool, is a service provided by St. Alphonsus Catholic School to allow parents to review their students’ progress at any time online.

Elementary Level Program

Grades 3 and 4 build upon the instruction of their early years and explore subjects using interdisciplinary units. Spelling and “Writing Across the Curriculum” are added to the Reading and Language Arts programs to allow children to read, interpret, and respond to text through writing. Critical thinking skills are fostered in the growth of the science and social studies programs during these years. Through exploring and organizing cultural experiences, students grow in global understanding. Collaboration allows students to question, interpret data, and develop solutions using scientific analysis. Enrichment opportunities are also offered through the STEM program to allow students to delve deeply into varying subjects and interests.

Intermediate Program

Our oldest students, the fifth and sixth graders, continue to refine their Reading and Language Arts skills while developing essential skills in Math, Science, Social Studies, and the Arts. Increased time in mathematics programming allows for the use of manipulatives to further reasoning and application. Science and Social Studies programs teach students critical thinking through engaging in interdisciplinary subject matter. Ensuring that “graduating” St. Alphonsus students are well-rounded and exposed to creative outlets, music, art, Spanish, technology, library science, and physical education all become a part of our students’ daily life. Participation in the religious aspects of St. Alphonsus School by leading weekly liturgies, participating in prayer services, giving religious presentations, and outreach is primary in these grades.

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