Giving Tuesday, celebrated this year on November 28th, is a time for us all to embrace the spirit of giving by sharing what we can with people and causes that need it and that we care about. This worldwide movement of thanksgiving and generosity has impacted over 40,000 organizations in 71 countries. The beauty of #GivingTuesday is that anyone and everyone can participate. The day’s focus is on the intention of giving and giving what you can, no matter the amount. St. Alphonsus Catholic School is excited to join the #GivingTuesday movement this year and hopes that all of our families will come together to help us reach our 100% participation goal. To donate, visit, a secure online giving site the Diocese of Biloxi has set up for #GivingTuesday.


Who –

The St. Alphonsus Catholic School community – families, teachers and staff, supporters.

What –

On November 28th, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world come together for one purpose: to celebrate and give back. November 28th has become known as Giving Tuesday. It originated as a way to return to the thankfulness of the season and to contest the messages of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.“ Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to talk about places, issues, and causes that are important to you and your family and support them in the spirit of thankfulness.

2017 is St. Alphonsus Catholic School’s first year to participate in this worldwide movement of generosity and service to others. St. Alphonsus 2017 goal is 100% participation where every family gives. If every family gave 25 dollars, the impact upon St. Alphonsus would be significant. Your donation is like a mustard seed, even the smallest has the potential to grow and change lives. Think of the conversations that your family will have about thankfulness, how each family has the opportunity to live as Jesus did and put others first. The impact of each family’s small gift comes together to make a change in the place our children are at every day. Every act of generosity counts, and each mean more when we give together.

Where –

Gifts are made online through the secure #GivingTuesday page sponsored by the Diocese of Biloxi –

When –

November 28th, the movement has already begun! Your families can pledge your support to St. Alphonsus School now or make their commitment with the rest of the world on Tuesday, November 28th. CLICK HERE to make your gift.

Why –

Because we have pledged our support to St. Alphonsus Catholic School through the mission of School; that  teachers, families, and clergy work together to see St. Alphonsus become a better, more Christian environment.

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