Mass – Sept. 14th

Today, the students of St. Alphonsus Catholic School participated in Mass. It was a special day for our PreK-3 class as they participated in Mass for the first time this year! They have practiced their praying hands, joyful songs, and the sign of the cross in class and they put it all to use in Mass this morning. We are so proud of them! (Click on photos to enlarge.)
Here are a few things Father Mike talked about to help make today’s Mass meaningful in your home too:
– Today’s readings were about the cross.
– Signs are every where. They help us to see life in a different way. What are signs that you see? What do they help you see differently?
– The cross is a sign. It is a sign that Jesus became a human and died, or sacrificed, for us. The cross is a sign that shows us both death and life. (Jesus died on the cross. The cross gave us life.)
– Jesus carried his cross. We too have “crosses” or burdens. Our crosses can be problems that we need help with. What is your cross? What do you need help with? Jesus carried his cross for us and can help us with our “crosses.” We just have to ask for his help.
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– May the Lord bless you and keep you

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