Our PreK is Getting Warm

The PreK-4 classes combined for a special ongoing project thanks to the creative thinking of our teachers! With an incubator donated from the state of Mississippi, the students got an up close and personal look at chicken eggs and, with a little bit of luck, will see them hatch in 21 days! Ms. Becky helped the PreK students count the eggs and identify the color, shapes, and temperature of the eggs. (Notice the gentle fingers our young children used!) Every student got to touch an egg and determine whether it was cold, warm, or hot. They also got a lesson in “lanterning” hoping to see a chick developing. We will keep you updated on their progress and can’t wait to see all of our “chicks” grow this year!
To view photos from combined lesson, visit the St. Alphonsus website at www.stal.org.
– May the Lord bless you and keep you

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