Setting the Table

Ms. White’s Kindergarten class begins each day by preparing their hearts and minds for a day of faithful learning. Over the past few weeks, the children have learned about setting a holy place to pray. Every morning, two students pick special items to set a Prayer Table. The items they pick are as individual as each child setting the table and every day looks different. What remains the same is the holiness and respect the children give to the task. Once the table is set, the students pray together and sing.
This special morning, the Kindergarteners continued a lesson on prayer. They have learned about the different types of prayer and talked about times in your day that you can pray. Our students offer prayers of thankfulness, prayers in need of help, bedtime prayers, and more. They say them at the dinner table, in bed, and in church. Ms. White shared with the children that there also places created to pray at, just like the table the class sets every day. The students took a walking field trip throughout the School and Church identifying places that make the perfect place to pray.
To view photos of the Kindergarteners setting the table, visit the St. Alphonsus website at
– May the Lord bless you and keep you

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