Taking a New Approach to an Old Subject

Our fifth graders have taken their future into their own hands by getting involved in history! Over the past few weeks, students have outlined major moments and players in U.S history. They researched events and people in their textbooks, then they divided and conquered! Each student drew a specific event or person to identify, explain the historical significance of their topic, share an interesting tidbit they discovered, and provide an illustration of their topic. The students presented topics in chronological order to give each other an understanding of how connected our history is. (Even Ms. Brenke took a turn researching and presenting!)
This timeline is now a visual outline the students will follow throughout the rest of the year as they dive deeper into the people and events that created this great country. Stop by Ms. Dent’s room to get a look at this very patriotic and personalized lesson plan our 5th graders made themselves!
To view photos from their History Timeline presentations, visit the St. Alphonsus website at www.stal.org.
– May the Lord bless you and keep you

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