Taking a Trip Across Subjects

Our world is as vast as our student’s imaginations. Creating an awareness in our children of their place in the world and diversity is an important part of the St. Al’s FAITH rubric.
Ms. Mast’s 3rd graders took facts from their Social Studies books and created their own well-researched travel brochures to learn more about the world around them. Students researched four different areas and highlighted them in their brochures. They used their creativity to illustrate and draw attention to destinations they found interesting. Ms. Mast laid the groundwork through her teaching. The children selected the relevant facts to the assignment, created their own visual layout, and wrote for others to read. What may have originated as a social studies project, crossed the lines into language arts, art, and reading.
To view photos from Ms. Mast’s class creating their brochures, visit the St. Alphonsus website at www.stal.org.
– May the Lord bless you and keep you

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