T H E   S C H O O L

We are a living Christian community supported by teachers, parents, and clergy

We are a Christian school with love for all.
We are a family with a place for all.
We are active.
We are growing.
We are positive.
We are prepared.
We are sincere.
We are full of life.
We are #calledtobeaSAINT.
W H A T   W E   D O 

Our Goals


Grow in Faith

Promoting Christian values happens every day in classrooms at St. Alphonsus Catholic School.
Gathering together in worship happens every week during Mass.

Grow in Knowledge

St. Alphonsus offers a competitive curriculum for each stage of a young person’s development
for children ages 2 years-old through 6th grade.
Each student is immersed in foreign language, music and the visual arts, physical education, technology, and library study.

Grow through Experiences

St. Alphonsus is an active community of students, parents, faculty, and staff that come together to support each other and the community through service, faith, learning, and fun.
S C H O O L   M E D I A

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Eleanor Hartzog

I personally compose and send out a newsletter to every parent at the beginning of each week during the school year.  I sometimes highlight events that have taken place during the week prior and events that are coming soon. Please check this link each Monday for the newest edition.
C L I C K   H E R E for this week’s issue.
In Christ,
Eleanor Hartzog, Principal