T H E   S C H O O L

We are a living Christian community supported by teachers, parents, and clergy

We are a Christian school with love for all.
We are a family with a place for all.
We are active.
We are growing.
We are positive.
We are prepared.
We are sincere.
We are full of life.
We are #calledtobeaSAINT.
S C H O O L   M E D I A

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Deacon’s Desk

The “Deacon’s Desk” is the newsletter that I personally compose and send to every parent at the beginning of each week during the school year. Its purpose is not just to give you a list of upcoming events, but also for helping us all understand how the liturgy and the Church tie-in to our school and everyday lives. I sometimes highlight events that have taken place during the week prior and events that are coming soon. Please check this link each Monday for the newest edition, and ENJOY.
C L I C K   H E R E for this week’s issue.
Blessings and Peace,
Deacon David Allen, Principal

Resources For Parents 

Do you need to check on the date of an upcoming school holiday? Review your child’s Accelerated Reader status? Check the grade of your child’s most recent test? Review a school policy in the handbook? Planning this week’s lunches and are curious what is on the school lunch menu? Click on the corresponding links to find your answer!