A Day Devoted to “Fun Math”

Have you ever had an entire day devoted to math and deemed it “fun”??? Ms. Gruich’s first graders did! On the 100th day of school, Ms. Gruich threw lesson plans out the window and created a day challenging her students through various 100-based STEM activities. Each child was given a journal and teammates to document and solve problems with. They built layered cakes, strong enough to hold 100 candles. They used building blocks to create tall towers. Students tapped into their creative side to design as many different shaped glasses as they could. (You know those 100 year-old grandparents need help with their glasses!) Like so many other classes at St. Alphonsus on the 100th day, the cup stacking station was a huge hit. And no celebration is complete without a party hat station and cookie station where students built festive creations.
At each station, the group worked together to come up with a plan, document their plan. Groups plans varied and it some worked, others didn’t. It was all 100% fun wrapped in a formative review of their science hypothesis lesson, handwriting practice, team building, time management, cooperative learning, math review, and engineering fun. Here’s to a great 100 days! #calledtobeaSAINT #STEM

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