Mass 1.17.20 – Big and Small Things

On Fridays, all of St. Alphonsus Catholic School students attend mass and worship together. Faith formation is an important part of their St. Al’s education.

This morning, our elementary students shared their understanding of today’s mass message.
– “By the way, we go to Mass to pray and praise God.” (Amen.)
– “Today Father told us about St. Anthony Abbott and he had 600 followers… He gave all his stuff away; his clothes, his house, EVERYTHING!… That was hard to do because those are hard choices…. He gave it all away to help the poor.”

Taking it a step further, these students knew that it doesn’t always have to be “big” things that we do as followers of Christ. They worked as groups and came up with ideas of “small” things they could do to help the poor, like St. Anthony Abbott. They decided to:
– raise money
– share food (“It’s sad when people have to eat out of the trash sometimes.”)
– build a house
– give away clothes that are too small and cant fit anymore
– donate old toys that aren’t played with anymore
– give money to help or jobs to do

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