In the Quiet Moments

It is in the quiet moments that the real learning happens; like when an Upper Elementary class transitioned from Religion class with Señora Ross to Social Studies with Ms. Dent.
(Recognizing the need for a reset, Ms. Dent designates time for presentations at the beginning of class. It creates conversation, an introduction to the day’s lesson, and helps presenting students with confidence and speaking skills.)
Today, students shared current events they found interesting (water on alien planets!?!?) and recapped facts about Australia. We watched magic happen when current events turned into conversations about life. The class belief is that water brings with it the possibility of life. It is true on our planet but is that true on every planet? Is it possibly that there is life other places? And how does that make us feel as Christians? Australia facts included happiness indexes and literacy levels among exports and resources. Again, our students delved deeper recognizing that the elemental exports have a cost and are affecting the country through conservation, deforestation, and climate change.
Our students are aware. They are connecting the dots of faith, society, nature, and more. They are our future. And we are so proud. #connectingthedots #faithintheclassroom #calledtobeaSAINT

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