Lights! Camera! VERBS!

Our Elementary students are full of movement and Ms. Gruich does an amazing job of translating those “things you do with your body” into teaching moments about verbs. Students move through active listening about the topic to individual examples to reinforce it. Group discussion that includes active wiggles and hand raising is encouraged. Once she feels the group has a firm handle on the topic, the real work(books) begin. Our avid readers tackle passages and identify the action, the noun – both common and proper.
Student learning does not end at the classroom door. During Library time, Ms. Mary extends the lesson to include organizing nouns and verbs by type and alphabetically. It is a slight change of pace that keeps the activity fresh but keeps the classroom lesson going. The library books they take home each week often include conversations with mom and dad about the “person, place, or thing” a sentence may be about or “describing words” they can identify. It’s a great team of teachers, students, and parents we have at St. Al’s!

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