Volunteer Opportunity – Dance Set Up

Description:It is a labor of love to make the Sweetheart Dance a success. Friday afternoon volunteers are needed to transform the School Gym, complete with a balloon drop! A sign-up sheet is sent out leading up to the Dance.
St. Alphonsus School families create lifelong memories on Saturday, February 15th, at the annual Sweetheart Dance. (Note that the date has changed from Feb. 8th to the 15th.) Children from every grade end up show casing their moves on the dance floor, and even manage to teach the parents a new step or two! Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons also get a few special dances in too. Students can make valentines for their classmates to be sent on Valentine’s Day. There is even a photo booth to capture all the love! Everyone is encouraged to dress up in their fancy, twirly dresses and dapper suits for an evening with our beloved friends and St. Al’s family.

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